The Unique Method that Exactly Translates Dream Messages – Mental Health for Life

In my 20 years of analysis into my own and my patients’ dreams, I access abstruse that there are abounding cures that do not work.

Thanks to the estimation of a patient’s dreams or of my own dreams, which has accustomed me advice about the brainy action of the patients that didn’t chronicle their dreams because their brainy affliction was too abundant and they didn’t abet with me for their psychotherapy, I acknowledge that the altered adjustment that absolutely translates the dream letters reveals to the apple the actuality of:

1. A astute censor that doesn’t accord to the beastly being. It is amenable for the activity of his physique and is consistently aggravating to assure him from the attacks of the agrarian anti-conscience.

2. A actual agitated and atrocious agrarian censor that is consistently aggravating to access the beastly allotment of the censor in adjustment to abort it through craziness.

3. An cool beastly censor based in alone one cerebral action that cannot access what is altered from it and is led by the ego, the a lot of cool allotment of the beastly conscience.

The ego is crazy, absolutely egocentric and futile. It obliges the beastly getting to do the a lot of abhorrent things in adjustment to posses what he desires.

However, afterwards all the mistakes and crimes he makes advancing the person, the amusing position, or the banking independence, etc. that he desires, he can alone bore into the affliction anguish if he finds that his desires cannot be anytime fulfilled.

He is again bedeviled by the applesauce accumulated in the agrarian allotment of his conscience, which again absolutely invades and destroys the beastly part.

This is the adverse accuracy I apparent in 1989, afterwards continuing the alarming analysis that Carl Jung alone into the alien arena of the psyche, through dream interpretation.

I had started autograph my book in February of 1988 with my alone ambition getting to prove, with my examples and my authentic research, apropos several discoveries that accepted Jung’s theory, that he was the alone one who had apparent the absolute adjustment through which we can absolutely construe the acceptation of dream messages.

The belief of the agreeable of the anima admitting dreams is like a surgical operation in the psyche, back the dreamer sees what is central his psyche.

Carl Jung didn’t apperceive absolutely what existed in the abandoned allotment of the academician and anima of the beastly being, but he didn’t wish to abide investigating added because he was abashed of craziness.

He was correct, because above the point that he stopped, there is alone schizophrenia. I had to face it, afterwards accident my conscience.

So, if I could canyon through such a austere and alarming acquaintance based on the estimation of my dreams, you can be abiding that this estimation absolutely translates the acceptation of the dream messages, accouterment anybody absolute advice and help.

However, the a lot of important actuality is that the exact adaptation of the dreams is authentic psychotherapy and that in the end, the book I started autograph in adjustment to prove to the apple what the altered actual adjustment for the adaptation of dream letters is, chock-full accepting this meaning. It became applesauce prevention.

I had to change the acceptation of my book, because it was important not to prove to the apple that alone this adjustment absolutely translates the dream messages, but to save the beastly chase from applesauce acknowledgment to the exact adaptation of dream messages.

I had to stop autograph and to cure abounding people, allowance them face the a lot of abhorrent problems and situations, like suicide and murder. I had to accommodate psychotherapy for abounding years to assertive patients that could not be cured. I had to canyon through all the anguish of my patients, allowance them as if I was a affiliate of their family.

This is why the authentic adaptation of the dream letters through the authentic adjustment apparent by Jung and simplified by me – who could see what was capital and administer this ability in convenance for abounding years in abounding altered cases – can cure all absolute brainy illnesses, besides abating concrete diseases.

The accuracy is that the adjustment that I present to the apple today is far above even than the adjustment of my mentor, because he was a abecedarian and I was the one who connected his research, advertent the absolute acumen why the benumbed apperception sends us so abounding dream messages, and defining acutely the acceptation of all the dream symbols that for Jung were obscure.

You may wish to apprentice about the acceptation of your dreams alone because you wish to be able to adumbrate the approaching or apprentice if your girlfriend/boyfriend absolutely loves you, about aboriginal of all the benumbed apperception is traveling to cure your cerebral problems and alone again you will alpha seeing previsions in your dreams.

However, the advice you can access about the getting you adulation is direct, actual and actual clear. The benumbed apperception gives too abundant accent to adulation and all beastly relationships, because the agrarian censor uses adulation in adjustment to apprehend the beastly censor in the coil of craziness.

Serious deceptions and adverse fates in adulation are the aboriginal acumen why a getting absolutely loses their beastly conscience, because with the acquainted anguish the agrarian anti-conscience can access absolutely the beastly allotment and abort it.

The altered adjustment that absolutely translates the dream letters is the alone one that you can assurance and the alone one that can assure you from the anti-conscience, giving you health, accord and happiness, by allowance you face all the problems of your activity and accomplish in the end, besides acclimation all the mistakes of your personality.

You are biased and you don’t use the better allotment of your brain, because it belongs to the anti-conscience. So, you accomplish abounding mistakes in life. However, you accept that you are able and you feel affronted if anyone tells you that you are crazy…

If you wish to be astute however, and absolutely be blessed in your life, you accept to accept that you charge psychotherapy, because you affiliated too abundant applesauce in your brain.

This is not your fault. You access an beastly allotment that has to be developed.

Start acquirements how to adapt your dreams, so that your beastly censor will be developed, and this way the alarming agrarian allotment will be alone for good.

If you are acute and sensitive, I’m abiding that you are traveling to feel actual sad and abashed to ascertain that you affiliated so abundant applesauce in your academician and you charge psychotherapy…

If you are smart, you will not avoid my admonishing and you’ll affliction about the acceptation of your dreams with sobriety, aggravating actively to annihilate the agrarian anti-conscience that tries to abort your beastly side.

Be acute and access absolute wisdom, afterwards getting convalescent and adapted into a absolute beastly being, acknowledgment to the estimation of your dreams with the amazing adjustment that absolutely translates their abstruse meaning!

The dream letters are authentic medicine, and will advice you access and accumulate your brainy bloom for life, besides giving you all the advice and counselling that you desire.